5 Must-Know Secrets to Save Your Teak Furniture From Stains

Teak furniture has a beautiful grain and colour, but unfortunately it is prone to developing stains and watermarks. Don't let a simple spill stain your teak chairs or table; instead, take action to combat the stain with these five simple tips.

1. Don't Wait

The faster you react to a spill, the lower the chance that it will leave a stain. Whenever you spill any liquid onto teak furniture, even if it is only water, you need to mop it up as soon as you can. Use a cloth or paper towel to soak up as much liquid as you can.

2. Mayonnaise to the Rescue

What if you've left liquid on the teak for too long and it's left an ugly watermark? Don't worry; there are still techniques you can use to remove the stain. Believe it or not, applying mayonnaise to the stain can help to pull water out of the wood and get rid of the mark. Simply smear the mayonnaise over the stain, cover it with a paper towel, and leave it overnight. In the morning, wipe away the mayonnaise and dry the wood thoroughly.

3. Give Toothpaste a Try

Toothpaste can affect the finish on teak furniture, so it's best to check the effects of this method on the back or underside of your furniture before you use it on your stain. If no discoloration occurs during your test, you can apply toothpaste to a watermark to draw the water out of the wood.

4. Oxalic Acid Can Help

If your teak furniture has an old watermark that has developed into a dark stain, oxalic acid could be your secret weapon. You can buy this powerful cleaner from home improvement stores. When you mix oxalic acid powder with water, it forms a paste, which you can apply to your teak watermark. As the paste dries, you should see the stain beginning to get lighter and less noticeable.

5. Try Refinishing

Sometimes, the only way you can completely get rid of a particularly deep stain or watermark is to refinish your teak furniture. This process involves using an electric sander or traditional sandpaper wrapped around a cork block to remove the existing finish from the wood. Keep sanding until you wear away the stain from the teak surface. You can then refinish the surface with a high-quality teak oil. Apply several layers of oil to achieve the colour you want.