3 Ways to the Right Cafe Furniture Can Help Customers Stay Longer in Your Store

The right cafe furniture not only makes your cafe look great but also can encourage your customers to linger in your store and keep ordering. Here are some factors to consider when you are buying furniture to make your cafe look great, but also be functional as cafe furniture. 

Easy to clean

It's important to have tables and chairs that are easy to clean. Not only does this save your labour time as staff can clean the furniture more quickly between customers, customers also feel better about staying on furniture that doesn't feel dirty. The easiest way to do this is to have relatively smooth furniture that doesn't accumulate crumbs or dirt and has waterproof surfaces so that spilt liquids cannot soak into the furniture. If you do want to use fabric, it can be useful to include options that can be easily washed at the end of the day so that you can switch out soiled items and replace with clean options during the day.

Charge points

More and more of your customers will be working or using their screens and devices while in your restaurants. Having some charge points in the centre or side of the table can help people to stay longer and keep using their electronic items at your cafe. This can be a great way to attract keep customers at your cafe. You can even have some spare chargers available for the most common devices so that people can stay there and keep ordering for as long as possible.  

Comfortable chairs

Unfortunately, some of the most durable chairs are not that comfortable to sit it for a long period of time. Try out some of the that you are contemplating for your cafe in other settings before you fit them out in your cafe. Chairs without backs such as bar stools and high tables can often be uncomfortable to sit on for a long period of time. You can often get sample chairs that you can use and experiment with, so that you can compare some of the more comfortable options. 

Choosing the right cafe furniture can help to keep your customers in your store for as long as possible. Having a busy and thriving store is often self-perpetuating and helps draw more customers into your cafe. You can look at a range of options in a furniture store and buy some options to compare.