A Comparison Between Canvas and Vinyl Trailer Covers

Trailer owners can choose between canvas trailer covers and vinyl trailer covers. Each of those materials is better suited to different sets of circumstances. This article compares the two materials based on a variety of factors. Use this information to select the best material for your application.

Rainy Conditions

Vinyl trailer canopies are better able to resist the infiltration of water in rainy conditions when compared to canvas trailer covers made from cotton. The vinyl cover will shed that water more easily. That vinyl canopy will also dry quickly after the rain has stopped falling. Vinyl trailer covers are less likely to be affected by mould due to that short drying time after a bout of rain. Canvas trailer canopies may easily lose their waterproof abilities in case an object, such as your hand, touches that cover when it is raining. However, vinyl trailer covers trap moisture inside the trailer. This can result in condensation during rainy weather. Canvas trailer canopies don't have this problem.

During Cold Weather

The two canopy materials also differ in the way they handle cold conditions. Vinyl trailer canopies can become stiff and crack when temperatures drop to freezing point. This stiffening can make it very difficult for you to fold the canopy in case you want to store it. Canvas trailer canopies handle cold conditions better. However, any trapped moisture on the surface of the canvas may freeze and cause the canopy material to harden. That water can be melted by running a heater inside the canopy. You will then need to spread out that canopy so that it can dry before you fold it. Otherwise, mould may grow on the wet canvas canopy.

The Initial Cost

Canvas trailer canopies are usually more affordable to buy when compared to vinyl canopies. Similarly, it is more costly to buy repair materials for vinyl trailer canopies than to buy canvas repair materials. However, care must be taken to use recommended adhesives in order to avoid compromising the integrity of your trailer canopy as you repair any damage that it has sustained.

As you can see, each type of trailer canopy has its own benefits and drawbacks. It is therefore very important that you consider your specific needs before you select the material for the canopy of your trailer. Seek advice from trailer canopy suppliers so that you avoid making a costly mistake that may compel you to buy a replacement canopy sooner than would have been necessary.