How to Keep Your Cane Chair as Good as New

Wicker or cane furniture can be an attractive and stylish addition to a home, but it will need to be looked after properly if it is to last as long as it is intended. Here are some tips to keep your wicker chairs in the same condition as when you bought them.

Keep out of sunlight

Leaving cane furniture in direct sunlight can lead to the cane drying out. This can cause it to fray or even break. Keep them somewhere sheltered and don't leave them outside for long periods of time when you are not using them.

Use cushions

Instead of sitting directly on the cane, use a chair pad or a cushion. This will not only be more comfortable, but it will distribute your weight evenly and will avoid the canes breaking prematurely. If you do not use cushions, try to make sure that you are sitting on the whole chair and not just an edge or corner of it.

Keep it clean

If the chair has become dirty, clean it with a wood soap or mild detergent in warm water, wiping gently with a soft cloth. You should then let it dry naturally in the air and should not sit on it for two days until you are sure it is dry. If you find any mould or mildew on the chair, clean them with bleach in warm soapy water, then rinse off thoroughly and let the chair air dry. You should take care to keep the chair away from humid conditions — consider using a dehumidifier if this is going to be a problem.

Fix any sagging

Over time, the cane chair may start to sag. This will then lead to further wear on the canes. If you notice any sagging, you can fix it by spraying water onto the canes and allowing them to dry overnight. You can also turn the chair upside-down and apply a warm wet cloth to the canes. Leave it in place and allow both the chair and the cloth to dry out overnight. Either way, you should not sit on the chair for two days. The moistening and drying process should shrink the canes and tighten the chair. You can also do this several times a year as a preventative measure.

A cane chair can last for decades — as long as you use it properly and keep it clean.